Fairy Tales Retold and New

WMV_Cover_200x300Wonder Mountain Christmas: The Tale of Cinderella, Retold (World of Wonders Collection)

A Rocky Mountain Cinderella finds herself alone in the world on Christmas Eve….

Min’s childhood in foster care was marked by loneliness, relieved only by her escape into books about the magical worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth. Now that she’s of age, she’s looking for a home in the mountains she’s dreamed of all her life–only to find life as a server in a luxury ski resort is not only lonely, but thankless and humiliating.

And then, one snowy Christmas Eve, a stranger skis into the bar where Min works and offers her a strange invitation that could change her life forever–if she has the courage to accept it.

Join Min in this heart-warming Christmas story as she searches for her true family and the home she’s always longed for.

Wonder Mountain Christmas is available in e-book format on Amazon. Novella: 52 pages; 15,300 words.

ShowCoverTypeBorder2_200x300Show of Wonders: The Tale of Snow White, Retold (World of Wonders Collection, #1)

“This story was so original and immersive, it made for a great read!” – Judge, Rooglewood Press Five Poisoned Apples Writing Contest, for which Show of Wonders was selected as a Finalist entry.

Bianca loves taking care of animals backstage and out of the spotlight for the traveling circus called Show of Wonders. But then an unexpected event causes her to become a reluctant performer under the big top.

As Bianca’s popularity with audiences grows, she threatens to displace the reigning star of the show, a beautiful high-wire walker – who also happens to be Bianca’s stepmother. When Bianca discovers her stepmother’s jealousy won’t stop short of magic-fueled murder, she must rely on her own wits – and the help of some mysterious strangers – to survive.

Show of Wonders is available in e-book format on Amazon. Novella: 72 pages; 20,400 words.

SC COVER _200x300Strange Country

Is her life a dream come true – or a nightmare she needs to escape?  

While vacationing in Africa, an ambitious young attorney embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when she becomes intrigued by a glimpse of a little-known country and decides to cross its border to explore it.

On her journey she meets three men: One offers to help her – for a price. One is a mysterious stranger, who might be able to save her from disaster – or prove to be the most dangerous opponent she has ever faced.

And one directs her toward a path she would never choose for herself – but is it the only way to gain her heart’s desire?

If you love the tale of King Thrushbeard then you’ll recognize its themes in this page-turning courtroom drama.

Strange Country is available in e-book format on Amazon, the iBooks store, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.