Wonder Mountain Christmas Published!

Wonder Mountain Christmas (my novella-length retelling of Cinderella, featuring some of the same characters you met in Show of Wonders) is now available on Amazon.  You can also view it (and review!) on Goodreads.

Book description: Min’s childhood in foster care was marked by loneliness, relieved only by her escape into books about the magical worlds of Narnia and Middle Earth. Now that she’s of age, she’s looking for a home in the mountains she’s dreamed of all her life–only to find that working as a server in a luxury ski resort is not only lonely, but thankless and humiliating.

And then, one snowy Christmas Eve, a stranger skis into the bar where Min is working and offers her a strange invitation that could change her life forever–if she has the courage to accept it.

Join Min in this heart-warming Christmas story as she searches for her true family and the home where she belongs!

Special Offer: Wonder Mountain Christmas is only 99 cents through January 6th on Amazon! Merry Christmas to you, and hope you enjoy it!


A Poem for Christmas

christmas-934177_1920I started writing this many years ago. After running across it recently, I decided to brush it up for Christmas. I suppose one might question whether it actually qualifies as a “poem” – but I’m not sure what else to call it! And of course it’s not only about Christmas, per se – it’s about the Incarnation, which involves much more than the actual birth of Jesus. So a more accurate title for this post might be, “Something About the Incarnation,” but that doesn’t have the same ring at all!


Babe crying
Star shining
Voice calling
Wine flowing
Boat rocking
Storm raging
Man walking
Sea calming
Sick healing
Limbs mending
Ears hearing
Eyes seeing
Palms waving
Bread breaking
Coins clinking
Crowd scorning
Nails pounding
Blood pouring
Love hanging
Death dying
Veil tearing
Earth shaking
Light flaring
Son rising
Word running
Chains falling
King reigning
Praise soaring

Holy, Holy, Holy

Copyright (c) 2017 by Cela Day