DS-cover-200x300Dragon Slave 

When you wake up in a war zone, you’d better find the right allies.

Stephen Steward doesn’t think he wants too much out of life: to make the 8th grade soccer team, and prove to his mother he can handle a paper route so he can save money to buy a car. And he wouldn’t say no to a high-powered gaming computer, because most of all he wants to be the victorious destroyer of alien monsters in his favorite video game.

But when a month before his 14th birthday he wakes up in the middle of a strange wilderness where monsters are all too real, and then finds out he’s landed in the middle of a war zone, Stephen realizes what he needs most is to find some allies who will protect him before it’s too late.

And even if he somehow survives all the battles at hand, Stephen still needs to find his way home.

Inspired by The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan’s classic depiction of the battle between good and evil, Dragon Slave is a contemporary portal fantasy with allegorical overtones written for young adults and anyone else who wonders: What is the battle like in a world that doesn’t believe it owes any allegiance to a King?

And what if the pilgrim doesn’t want to make any progress?

Dragon Slave is available in e-book format on Amazon