Fairy Tales Retold and New

Ami and the Alien: A SciFi Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Coming Soon on Amazon

Ami Edgeworth thought losing the family space station to her father’s creditors was the worst thing that could happen. She was wrong.

When her father’s desperate mission to save the family business ends in disaster, Ami must decide between facing an alien future – or sacrificing everyone and everything she loves.

Be on board when Beauty and the Beast blasts off with aliens, androids, AI and holodogs in this starry retelling of a much-loved story set in another galaxy, far from home.

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Strange Country

Is her life a dream come true – or a nightmare from which she needs to be awakened?  Sleeping Beauty meets King Thrushbeard in this suspenseful depiction of fairy tale themes retold as a legal thriller.

While vacationing in Africa, an ambitious young attorney embarks on the adventure of a lifetime when she becomes intrigued by a glimpse of a little-known country and decides to cross its border to explore it. On her journey she must decide what to do about three men: One offers to help her – for a price. One is a mysterious stranger, who might be able to save her from disaster – or who might prove to be the most dangerous opponent she has ever faced.

And one directs her toward a path she would never choose for herself – but is it the only way to gain her heart’s desire?

Strange Country is available in e-book format on Amazon, the iBooks store, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.