WIP Update (May)

When I last posted about WIP in January, my immediate goal was to write the third story in my World of Wonders Collection (WOW – and isn’t that cute?). I intended it to be a retelling of Sleeping Beauty…. and I still do, but how things can change in a few months!

Instead of writing WOW #3, I’ve made great progress in my retelling of Twelve Dancing Princesses (which is also intended to be part of a series – although a different series – projected to be six retold tales in all). Right now that draft (about 40,000 words) is “resting,” and then I will reread to (I hope!) tweak/polish for publication. Unfortunately my beta readers are all swamped at the moment so I’ve yet to get feedback, and obviously that is a factor in the publishing schedule! So stay tuned for further developments…. I think anyone who loves retellings of Twelve Dancing Princesses will find this one interesting!

But the project I’ve focused on most recently is From the Annals of the Dragon Slayer, volume 2  (the sequel to Dragon Slave) with the working title Dragon Game.  I started it in 2016 and then put it aside to finish something else, thinking I’d return to it shortly – but instead three years went by!

Several weeks ago I dusted off the draft because some Dragon Slave readers asked about the sequel. Interested readers are a wonderful inspiration!  And as I reread the draft and my notes, I was amazed to find it was much more well-developed than I remembered. Currently it’s 50,000+ words, and I’m pleased with how it’s shaping up! I recently received some beta feedback, however, that I need to think through, and I’m not sure how long that will take, so I haven’t been able to fix a publishing date yet. Will keep you posted….

Long story short: I hope (God willing) to publish something this summer, even though at this point exactly what/when is still up in the air! But did want to let you know there really are stories in the pipeline….

And whatever you are currently working on, I hope you are enjoying it!