Freebie at the End of October!

Monster (my retelling of Frankenstein) is scheduled to be available for free on Amazon in e-book format from October 29 thru November 2 (in honor of the fact that my version unfolds over Halloween).  If you haven’t read it yet then I hope you’ll download it for free, and if you know anyone who might be interested in a contemporary retelling of a classic story (in which nanotechnology and hubris run amuck, with unexpected results!), please pass the word along.

Speculation on … Vintage Novels (among other things)

During the past year or so, I’ve been so focused on trying to finish/publish my first several stories that the idea of trying to blog went out the window. Recently, however, I’ve found myself jotting down some thoughts about reading and what I love about speculative fiction. At the same time, I’ve started following a few blogs (mostly by other writers and lovers of all kinds of stories). I don’t have time to read everything they write, but I’m grateful for what they’re willing to share.  So, I’m going to begin posting some of my own speculations and writing/publishing updates here, and also sharing links to some favorite resources.

First up: Vintage Novels. Suzannah Rowntree reads a lot of great books, and most of them are in the public domain (available online for free)! She has been writing Christian critiques of classics of adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and more since 2010, so there is a wealth of material here. (She provides a helpful index of her reviews, so you can quickly see what she’s written about and go straight to any work that interests you.) She is able to see through antiquated language to the heart of a story; I’d never had any burning desire to read Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene before, but she made it come alive for me.

SR is also a talented indie author. I’ve been enjoying her retold fairy tales (The Rakshasa’s Bride might best be described asBeauty and the Beast go to Bollywood!”), and if you appreciate all things Arthur, then I recommend her first novel, Pendragon’s Heir. I’m looking forward to enjoying many more Rowntree reads in the future!